This article was published in Dünya Newspaper on July 28, 2017.

“Knowing that you do not know is the best, it’s dangerous to think you know it.”

Do you have such a person in your circle?

Little to no learning, with the least of us knowing in ways we know, but thinking that the sun, moon and stars know everything.

We are confronted with the issues in the neighborhood, these are the people who are often heard in mass chats. They will be sure of themselves.

Ferry trips are a very popular young man who is my dear friend, educated up to the ladies told me that he never read books and did not have to read a few years ago that he thought his girlfriend wanted to give him a very thin book and read it. This person is quite vocal in chats; She is a social person who has a lot of listeners with seven jokes who love to be entertained, and she thinks she will find everything she knows or wants when she gives it to her.

“If you wonder what I’m on the internet a minute away, what do I need to read?”

Social media is the accumulation of knowledge that can change on every floor. It is very sad to think that he knows the secret of life by reading the words attributed to Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi on Facebook.

Can you substitute for the effect of reading to watch videos and movies, or is there only one thing? When we read, we create a world using our imagination. This is certainly not a special world for us. We dream of a synthesis of what we see from the sun, from what we see and from what we read and from our parents and close relatives. However, living with images imposed only from the outside makes us a little less unique the other day.

There is no way of knowing everything in the world we are in, but of course others will benefit. From time to time, our experts will let ourselves know what we know. We either have to investigate from our own expertise or from our neighbor’s subject matter. Let’s give you flexibility to facilitate your location, and we’ll help others with this information. Let’s take action in order to perceive and learn with the areas we do not know on the side.

To think that you know, but ‘to lie wrong’; This is the most frightening thing.

Not knowing your own business in detail.

I do not know the details of the job when you are doing your own business, and it creates the risk of relying on someone else’s knowledge in details of your company’s main business.

Another aspect of the job is knowing too much and being one of the best experts on the subject.

The questions that we ask ourselves to prioritize questions that we are experts in, but we are very confident of ourselves, we stop searching again later: there is no one who knows better than us. At that point development is halted, which is the decline of many artists, researchers, musicians.

Some people think that they know what they know, it takes us away from being creative, from thinking through different perspectives. From time to time, we know very well for our expert, we do not know consciously choosing the path can save us a lot.

Choosing not to know consciously avoids looking at ignorance of being too sure of yourself, thinking that you know it, and it can give us a whole new invention and different aspects. I do not know to learn new things to pick us up again.

If we base our knowledge on them, the steps that will convey us like a step will be shaped like this:

Knowledge evolves into ‘Understanding’. We present this understanding as ‘analysis’ preliminary. The analysis will reach us for ‘Synthesis’, no matter how much it is mixed up.
If we are after the synthesis, we will inevitably become ‘Evaluation’. If all these stages have progressed in a healthy way, there is the only boy, ‘Creativity’, that exists for evaluation evolution.

The distance to know and not know is very short.

Let’s say we measure this to reach 10 meters, 10 meters, with a clear answer. Suppose, I guessed the distance. Some of our efforts can be as much as 100 meters, and some of our requests will go up to 1000 meters, perhaps in proportion to the high speed of kilometers.

If we do not know we do not know!

In this case, the distance may extend forever.

Until we realize that we do not know …