Losing Trust

You’d recall the famous words by the founder of the German market leader Bosch; Robert Bosch that goes: “ I would rather lose money then trust”. Many years have passed since he said those words but it is obvious that Bosh cares as much about their reputation today as they did then.

Reputation of Companies and Organizations

In today’s business World everything moves faster than it used to, if consider that the Fantastic FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple Netflix, and Google), some of the largest companies in the world and none of them existed before 2000, it becomes even more difficult to fathom what will happen in the future when things move even faster than they do now. And in these fast rise and falls, reputation plays a large role. Today, the net worth of a company is not only measured in money or other tangible assets. A lot is riding on technology and market perception. For this reason reputation management is more serious than ever.

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Short-term Profit Drug

Accounting and auditing world is dominated by men. It might not be the case in Turkey but when I attend global conferences especially in Europe, I see that the industry is notoriously male-dominated. I know that England’s so-called glass ceiling is still holding strong, making career advancement for women quite a challenge. As a result, becoming a female partner at an accounting or auditing firm is nearly impossible! This myth was broken in 2014 when Sacha Romanovitch was appointed as the CEO of Grant Thornton in England. However, recently Romanovitch’s poem sharing internally has cost her job. 15 partners from the company condemned the poem she shared. It was all down the hill afterwards as she was accused of having socialist views and not prioritizing the firm’s profit making, she was removed from any strategic decision making.

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Not Destined to Bad Jobs!

“There are two simple ways of making money as a business owner:

  • You can lower your costs by paying low salaries and side benefits to your employees


  • You can lower your costs by providing good salaries and good working environments, in other words, you can lower your costs by investing in your people.

Isn’t this bizarre in the economic recession we’re currently in?”

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Would you like to be irreplaceable?

This article was published in Dunya newspaper on 28th April 2017.

Did you ever notice the condescending look on the waiter’s face when ordering food at a fancy restaurant, as if he has just seen a crab walking on the table? Not only does the waiter make you uncomfortable but you cannot pronounce half the items in the menu.

If you are in such a situation, you can be sure your tab will be too high.

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Chasing a magnificent future: Elon Musk

Why do you read biographies?

Usually to get some insight on why these colorful and successful individuals became successful.

I bough the book “Elon Musk” just for this reason. Right from the beginning I could understand that the biographer Ashlee Vance had him work cut out for him. It requires a fair amount of courage to write the biography of one of the most colorful entrepreneurs of our society, a modern day hero – or at times, anti-hero.

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Interviewing in a Masquerade Ball

This article was published in Dunya newspaper on 27 April 2017.


You find the outfit you’d been planning to wear this evening for those very important guests crumpled up on the bottom of your closet, despite having asked your wife earlier to take it to the cleaners. This turns into a big argument; hurtful words have been exchanged on both sides. When the time is near you can’t do anything but complain and search for another outfit. Then the doorbell rings and you wear your social mask over that outfit.

– Welcome!

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Is it very serious? Then try and be funny!

This article was published on 31st March 2017 in Dunya Newspaper

Boardrooms are serious, and chairmen are scary. Or at least the ones we see in movies are. This much is certain; boardrooms are places where nobody except the person in charge can openly discuss their true ideas.

Sometimes you enter a company and feel chills all over. And sometimes the air is so dense it feels as if you’d need a knife to cut through just to walk inside.

Business is serious.

But taking your work seriously and building a layer of seriousness as a social mask are two separate things.

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